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Welcome to Shiona Fabriarts Private Limited, your number one source for all things Indian Ethnic Wear for Ladies. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of Wholesale Dress Materials, Wholesale Suits Materials, Wholesale Sarees, Wholesale Kurtis and Wholesale Unstitched Fabrics, with a focus on Genuine Quality Products at Right Price and from Well Known Makers With Trust of Self Procurement.

Founded in 2017 by Tech Savy Young Enterprenuer, Shiona Fabriarts Private Limited has come a long way from its beginnings in Surat, Gujarat, India. When our Founder started out, His passion for " Shiona Rise for Good " drove them to do tons of research, Mapping Problem Solving Stratagy so that Shiona Fabriarts Private Limited can offer you competitive differentiation In Indian Textile Clothing Industry to source Procure Your Business Goods Online Through Digital Platform and Eliminate the Current Day Problems of Long Distance Travelling , Carrying Cash transactions, Smoother Dealings, Transportation of goods , transparent Margin, Eliminating Hearty Middle Man Margins to Offer Best Prices to your Fellow end users and have a secured recurring business at ease. We now serve customers all over India and International Locations, and are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into lots of individuals successful businesses journey specially with aspiring ladies of the country.

We are Glad You Came to Know About Our Story ...Shiona Rise for Good !

Table of Contents

Founders view about textile industry in india.
Current Textile Transaction Problems.
Idea Behind solving the problem.
Beginning of Shiona
Rise of Shiona

it all begin with an young technology savvy entrepreneur and present day textile industry transnational issues.

Our Founder had different ideas then current market transactions , dealing , service and availability to consumers across india and international locations.

and at the same time he wanted to do something and help women lead industry to make a simpler primary or passive way of earning for small shops, individuals , womens, self help groups , retailers and sellers.

he then took all of the study on paper and drawn the map of " Shiona " the meaning of Word Shiona is " a beautiful beginning with gods grace ".

he took the map on mission to reach thousands of women entrepreneurs across india with ease of doing business and digital platform for transforming their lives.

Initially We launched a initial Platform Catering the basic needs of consumers , solving their issues with ongoing in house analytics and Research and developments from our technical and customer experience team we have implemented latest technology and security and more ease for sourcing Textile Clothing Online through Shiona with Easy Options.

today shiona catering global requirements in indian ethinic wears made out of man made fabrics and authentic makers made apparels for ladies. we are not just helping buyers but also the manufacturers who are producing goods and looking for long term buyers for their products.

buying from shiona eases the work of sourcing goods at right price with right fabrics and trust of self procurement. in day to day business everything that needs a business to run smoothly we help and support in each way to our fellow buyers across globe and help them to understand customer demands and supply.

We got Recognized By Department of Industrial Promotions Policy (DIPP Govt Of India) In Year 2018.

In Year 2019 We Understood the Need of New Business Owners for getting Credit and Long Term Payment Options for day to day Business needs and many of them were looking for expansions and had no easy access over capital funds. we worked that out with our banking partners for credit offerings to our fellow buyers to ease the business capital needs.

Today We are having sizable presence across india , helping small businesses , women's and shops to scale up their businesses.

What does shiona offers ?

Since we are focused on Indian Textile Clothing Industry and Looks for More opportunity of serving constantly growing indian consumers requirements in the same segment products. we have in house sourcing teams who personally visits the reputed clothing makers across india for quality goods and matching the price and selling criteria till the end user experience.

we work with leading manufacturers for best possible prices of the goods comparing to current markets keeping our minimum operational costs, and eliminating the middle man margins we offer our fellow buyers a big window for goods profits on their investments in business with trust of Shiona and long term durable fabric made products drive them recurring customers to their selling points whether those are offline or online.

in regular or common textile sourcing many middle man, agencies and lots of agents are gets involved with their middle margins making buyers difficult to sell products on right prices and hens loosing their quality regular buyers.

through shiona internal teams working under marking research and development we not only , suggest customers with upcoming stocks but also help them to clear the stocks before season going out hens that makes them be worry free from non performing dead stocks lying in their selling facilities.

What are the benefit shiona offers to new businesses ?

Shiona Truly Belives in Ethical Business Values and Transforming Lives for Good, as it reflects in our business motto as well.

we help businesses to sustain through our quality goods offerings , easy ordering facilities makes users to choose from thousands of varieties under one roof, easy shipment facility according their shipping locations, easy payments options no bank visits or long que waiting you can get it done through online easy payment options even Credit and EMI payments to eligible customers through complete online automated ordering channels.no minimum buying terms we cater all minimum orders as per their products catalogs.